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Explore watershed and water quality issues in a favorite place in the Lake Champlain Basin or in a remote corner of the world.

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We invite you to share your water stories with us! Be inspired by water - Lake Champlain, brooks, rivers, ponds, oceans, other US and World Lakes and other water resources worth celebrating. In honor of World Water Day, help CBEI celebrate the beautiful water resources around us. We would love to see your original photos, writing, art and videography.

Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Complete Contest Rules

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Pick your Presentation Format: Writing Rules: Writing entries must be about water (Lake Champlain, brooks, ponds, other US or world lakes, or other water resources of your choosing.) Art Entry Rules: Art entries must be about water. Photography Entry Rules: Photography entries must be about water. Videography Rules: Video entries must be about water. All entries due March 6th! If you have further questions, please email

Please note: Recognition awards will be made per team entry. You can have as many people on your team as you wish, but the awards will be team based to encourage groups working together to celebrate water resources! All entries must be accompanied by a contest entry form.

By submitting an entry, the entrant**: ** Entrants under 18 must have an adult representative

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Originality and Plagiarism Policy

All entries must be original, and must not be a copy of any existing work. You must have the legal right (no copyright or license restrictions) to use any music, photos, video, or other content included in your submission. See the Creative Commons website for more information. Whether you intend to or not, claiming that someone else's work is your own ("plagiarism") is a serious violation of copyright law. Plagiarism and forgery result in criminal sanctions, fines and civil damages. You must be very careful to make sure that your creation(s) is original and cannot be considered the work of others.

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